Art with Sara - Art Classes for Kids & Adults

I started my business thanks to a few blessings in disguise. I worked as a secretary for 16 years but yearned for a more creative career. I had no idea how to start and it was just a far-off dream. Then the big economy crash of 2008 happened. I was laid off from 2 jobs at the same time. I lost everything except my car and my clothes (and cat). Luckily, I had a friend who took me in and during the next 2 years, I saved up every unemployment check I could gather. To make a very long story short, the state of the economy worked in my favor and I was able to negotiate an affordable lease in a huge space. I've been a life-long artist and always spent my spare time seriously learning about art. I always knew I had a gift for teaching. From my work experience, I developed excellent organizational skills. So I took a chance and decided to use my unemployment money to marry my artistic sense with my business sense and open up my own art studio...and it worked! I am now one of the lucky few who has a fulfilling career doing what I love. I'm forever grateful to my loyal students and staff. I've had a faithful following since the day I opened in November 2010 and our classes have grown steadily and successfully ever since!

With the love of art in my heart,

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