Art with Sara - Art Classes for Kids & Adults
Kids Art Classes, ages 5 - 13

Here is where kids learn the true, in-depth foundation of art! We will get them started with the basics and help them advance at their own pace so they can become independent, confident artists.

We provide an unprecedented 4 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Within each group, each student is taught individually at their own pace by a fully trained art teacher. So, even if all 20 seats are booked, each student will receive individual attention because they are seated with a maximum of 4 students in their group.

Students get to choose whatever pictures they’d like from references provided within their skill level. Each student is taught how to draw accurate proportions and placement of their picture, and how to use color for a 3-Dimensional effect. Our classes are an amazing combination of technique and creativity, so the students learn in a structured yet fun environment. Read below for more details about what is taught in each phase.

You don't have to purchase a level or phase when booking, just choose your preferred class day & time, and students will be graduated at their own pace. Once a phase is completed, you don't have to change your class day & time; student may remain in the same time slot they've always been in.

The Phases:

Phase 1. FOUNDATION BASICS with pastels
This phase teaches kids the technical basics necessary to complete a drawing while simultaneously encouraging their imagination and story-telling abilities. Your child will learn how to turn an ordinary, flat drawing into a whimsical, 3-dimensional masterpiece. There are 4 to 6 levels to pass (depending on the student) in this phase before moving on.

Phase 2. REALISM
Once the child has learned the basic principles of drawing and color, they will learn how to create a picture to make it look realistic.  They will use similar techniques from the Foundation Basics Program but will be introduced to more sophisticated spatial relationship concepts and color theory. This phase is optional, as by this point they will have enough skills and knowledge to try Phase 3.

Phase 3. New Mediums
By the time the student has graduated to this phase, he/she has now gained much experience with drawing and color, and will take those skills and apply it to other mediums such as acrylic painting, colored pencils, markers, or oils. The possibilities are endless and children will constantly be inspired with new techniques and mediums. Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations, and have fun finding colors from real life and exaggerating them to suit their artistic style.

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