Art with Sara - Art Classes for Kids & Adults
Teen and Adult Art Classes, ages 14 & up
We will get you started with the basics and help you advance at your own pace so you can become an independent, confident artist. Classes are ongoing and each course ends when you are ready to move on to the next course. Because of this unique structure, the student - teacher ratio is small to ensure that you receive individual attention.

Artist: Sara, adult

Here's how it works:

1. FOUNDATION DRAWING with pastels
You will be introduced to basic drawing and color techniques. Then you will learn how to execute a realistic drawing from start to finish. You will also be encouraged to capture the mood and expression of the picture for your own personal touch.

By the time you graduate to this phase, you will have now gained much experience with drawing and color. You will learn how to take those skills and apply it to other mediums such as acrylic painting, colored pencils, markers, or other mediums that interest you. The possibilities are endless and students will constantly be inspired with new techniques and mediums. You will be encouraged to use your imagination and have fun finding colors from real life and exaggerating them to suit your artistic style.

In this course you will learn how to handle oil paints while learning how to clearly define each shape using brush and painting techniques. Once you have mastered the technical basics, you will be encouraged to develop your own style and can explore your own subject matter.

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